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Why Shleppers?

The Benefits of Choosing NYC’s Leading Moving Company

There’s something to be said for the level of skill, proficiency and knowledge that can only be built over the many decades of perfecting one’s craft. Being that Shleppers Moving & Storage has been serving all types of customers in every setting imaginable for more than four decadesour expertise is tough to beat. For any type of move, under any condition, we know how to get the job done both securely and efficiently. Not only has time and experience perfected our business approach, our licenses and credentials are continuously maintained, allowing us to operate in all four of our locations: New York, New Jersey, Florida & California.

Our Team

Carefully Selected: We know that New York City’s leading moving company is not a title to be taken lightly. That’s why we hand-select each and every member of our team prudently, to ensure that every one of our representatives honors the Shleppers’ name.

Continuous Training: But our employment process doesn’t stop at hiring. We’re continuously training our employees year-round to ensure that they are equipped with the values that we hold so dear: respect and professionalism.

Your Satisfaction 

We have team members positioned and ready to help you during each phase of your moving process…

Before Your Move: Our Sales Support Team will guide your moving experience with Shleppers based on the needs you communicate to them. You’ll know exactly what to expect for your move, and they’ll be able to answer any questions you may have about the process or our services.

During Your Move: Sit back and relax as Our Moving Team does all the legwork on move-in day. Plus, you can be sure that everything is moving according to plan with our Quality Assurance and Field Inspector.

After Your Move: If necessary, our Customer Service Team is standing by with one goal: to guarantee you an excellent moving experience all the way to the end of your moving process.

 Our Pricing

“No Surprises” Policy: At Shleppers, we honor our promises, which is why we operate on a “No Surprises” policy. Prices are guaranteed and binding, based on your items being moved and the services you’ve opted in on. No hidden costs. No surprises.

Working with Your Budget: Not only do we strive for full transparency with all our clients, our team will work with you to match and fit with your budget. We want you to choose us for your move, which is why we do our best to be flexible according to your needs.

Your Benefits

Innovative Services: No matter how complicated or far your move may be, Shleppers is here for you every step of the way with our innovative services and cutting-edge moving technologies. We’ll handle your entire move. From box delivery to special installations, from to IT services to moving insurance packages— you are never moving alone.

Loyalty Program: Not only do we treat your move as if it were our own, we also want to put your money back in your pocket as a way to thank you for choosing Shleppers. That’s why we created the Shleppers’ Loyalty Program; a program that pays you back 5% of every dollar spent on your move. Redeem it, gift it, or even save it (it never expires).

“Refer a Friend” Commission Program: We value the loyalty of our customers so much that you can even earn money from us when you’re not even moving! Yes, you read that right. With our “Refer a Friend” Program, you’ll earn commission whenever a family member, friend, co-worker or colleague chooses to move with us. You’ll earn 10% on local moves and 5% on long distance & international moves.* How do you receive your commission? You can choose to be paid directly, gift it as a discount to the “friend” you referred or opt to have your commission donated to your favorite charity. Making money really is that simple with Shleppers.

Our Company 

Our Mission Statement: Shleppers Moving & Storage maintains uncompromising core values. Our mission is to provide you with moving and storage services that simply can’t be matched elsewhere.

Our Eco-friendly Operations: Shleppers proudly operates a green company. We’re constantly optimizing our business to ensure that we are as environmentally friendly as possible. We drive fuel efficient vehicles, utilize 100% recycled paper products, and re-use moving boxes where appropriate.

Our Community: . As a NYC business, Shleppers wears a badge of honor— and we wear it proudly. We never miss an opportunity to support our community.

 Your Peace of Mind 

Between our phenomenal team, comprehensive moving services, outclassing benefits and eco-friendly operations, it’s no surprise we’ve been classified as NYC’s leading moving company.  You’ll know where you stand when you make your move with Shleppers. Request a quote for our services or call us today to discuss your moving and storage needs:

Toll-Free: (800) 84 SHLEP
NYC: (212) 223-4004
Westchester: (914) 684-0606
Rockland: (845) 295-0102
New Jersey: (201) 227-2001
Florida: (561) 886-0868
California: (800) 769-9337

 *Refer a Friend Program not applicable to mini moves.

The year was 1978. Jimmy Carter was President, and Hollywood churned out hits like Superman, Grease, Animal House, & Halloween. And while all that was going on, Shleppers® Moving & Storage was launched in New York to assist busy Manhattanites with their moving and storage needs.

That was a long time ago, and since that time, we’ve kept at it! Sofa by sofa, box by box, customer by customer, Shleppers Moving & Storage blossomed into one of the nation’s leading moving companies, with branches located in California, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey & New York. Our goal, over the years, has always been clear–to transform moving & storage solutions into a science and art form by implementing rigorous systems and controls. The result is that we are able to seamlessly handle thousands and thousands of jobs with a high level of consistency, and that is our pledge to our customers. We can’t take all of the stress out of moving, but we can do our best to lighten it with a variety of services at affordable prices.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

In our nearly 40 years of existence, we have moved countless businesses as well as individuals, including numerous discriminating celebrities like Richard Gere, John Lennon, Jerzy Kosinski, Debra Gibson, John McEnroe, Alan Alda, Blondie, Joe Gandolfini, and Alfred Molina. Can you imagine what would have happened had John McEnroe been unhappy? The truth is that we’ve moved plenty of Hollywood celebrities in the past few years, but don’t tell the paparazzi!

At Shleppers, we always remember that service is our business. We appreciate all of our customers, and strive each day not only to meet, but exceed, their needs. It will be obvious from the first call with Shleppers–you’re in good hands.

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